Seminars & Webinars

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Local Seminars

We travel across the Lone Star State to provide over 50 seminars every year and offer training, advice, and education about local, state, and national issues facing our industry. Check the upcoming seminar schedule or call us at to schedule a seminar in your area.

Member Resources

THLA members have exclusive access to all of our online educational and training resources. Explore our Member Resources page to find answers to all of your legal and operational questions.

AH&LA Educational Institute

The American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute (AHLEI) is the premier provider of hospitality training and certifications worldwide. They offer the best products, programs and certifications for hospitality professionals looking for further education and training in our industry. 

Visit to learn about the resources available to you and your staff through the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

THLA’s Virtual Interactive Webinar Series 2021

THLA is excited to offer a new no-cost virtual interactive webinar series, each session featuring one of our three top rated speakers from our award winning THLA Short Course.  Each of these speakers is beloved by prior Short Course attendees for the value of their information and the exciting and interactive format of their sessions. Register now! 

Tuesday, April 27th: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM- Cindy Novotny talks Sales and Marketing 

Date TBD – Karen McCullough speaks on Going Beyond the Brand

Date TBD – Stephen Barth talks about Positive Performance 

THLA’s Short Course (Virtual Opportunities for 2021)

Recognized as the “Best Educational Program” in the nation by the International Society of Hotel Association Executives, THLA’s Short Course attracts mid-level and aspiring hospitality professionals from all facets of hotel operations, from trainees to supervisors to department heads to general managers.

Held each January at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management in Houston, the Short Course is a week-long event that provides invaluable training on all major aspects of lodging operations. Instructors for the Short Course are drawn from hospitality figures of international reputation, as well as professors at the Conrad N. Hilton College.

For information on Short Course, call .

THLA’s Advanced Short Course (Postponed for 2021)

For employees who have already experienced the quality of the award-winning Short Course, THLA offers a two-day Advanced Short Course each January. This program is an exceptional educational event created to complement the experience of our regular Short Course and to provide information and training for the seasoned hotelier.

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